Dagi took its first steps in the ready-made clothing industry in 1984. Production was ahead of its production capacity, design understanding, marketing skills, brand and all brand marketing. With the first store, it is
among the leading brands of clothing and fashion in Turkey throughout the days. produced products of high quality and conforming to world trends. It provides an added perspective from the point of view of adding
creative value.

We became the distributor of Dagi in Iraq in 2020, our first branch we opened, Bahtiyari. Then we contiue with Family Mall ad Majidi Mall in Erbil. We thought that the Dagi brand appealed to the people of Iraq, and we received good feedback in a short time.
We planned to expand our business even further that we could not stay with 3 stores in Iraq, and then we decided to open one more branch in Duhok Family Mall and Süleymaniye Family Mall.

After reaching our goals, we saw that we were missing in Baghdad and we decided to open another store in one of the most magnificent places of Baghdad in November 2021 and we opened it.
At the same time, we opened another place to be the wholesale place of the Dagi in Kasnasan. We introduced the Dagi, that is, quality, to people in Iraq and we were satisfied. Our goal is to open more branches in every city and county of Iraq and make the public
experience the quality of the Dagi.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the development of our country with the successes to
be achieved around the world, to provide the consumer with the perfect quality
experience in our products, to keep the consumer preferences and wishes at the
forefront, and to provide measurable growth by protecting our consumers from the
effects of the global change.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead our country to take its place in the international competition in
the underwear sector in general, to make a difference with its fashion-guiding line, to
be a pioneer and original world brand in the sector with its entrepreneurial, innovative
and respected identity.